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Forgiveness Prayer (Word doc)

All members Of Holy Hands and Leesburg Presbyterian Church are encouraged to pray the "Forgiveness Prayer" for 30 days.

Dear Lord, Help me forgive: my mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, "ex", sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, neighbor, Pastor, employer, employee, co-worker, World leader, Church member, friend, government, counselor, sales person, other drivers, store clerk, teacher, people in line, strangers, (fill in the rest)




For: lying, stealing, being lazy, cheating, being a workaholic, stupidity, neglect, expecting too much, being a slob, wasting money, wasting time, being stingy, mismanaging money, lust, sexual immorality, rape, murder, abortion, extortion, abduction, verbal abuse, physical abuse, gossip, lousy driving, road rage, having a crummy disposition, being shallow, being phony, backbiting, lack of respect, not earning respect, greed, self-centeredness, lack of concern, being over-protective, alcoholism, addiction, smoking, gambling, co-dependency, enabling behavior, destructive behavior,  sarcasm, looking down on others, breaking promises, not following through, being spiteful, seeking revenge, overeating, not putting forth any effort, not giving anyone else a chance, not communicating, not listening, never shutting up, being bossy, not standing up for what is right, lack of control, illness, tantrums, not showing emotion, withholding affection, yelling, being disruptive, unfaithfulness, not considering the feelings of others, being manipulative, wishy-washyness, being unreasonable, never being serious, being too serious, telling secrets, not being sorry, not understanding, understanding too well, putting others first, putting things first, being careless, being picky, never being good enough, having a bad attitude, fault finding, being cynical, invading privacy, invading personal space, coldness, arson, cruelty, sadism, masochism, not paying attention, not respecting the property of others, being wasteful, not praying, not reading the Bible, using profanity, using Godís name in vain, making fun of others, unseemliness, uncleanliness, living in the past, not loving, coveting, jealousy, envy,  (fill in the rest)




Having a spirit of unforgiveness, and not putting God first.

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