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An analogy has just occurred to me. Let's call it Flight #171 destination "life's purpose". Departure time 7:05, it is now 8:15 the plane is packed and still you haven't taken off. Imagine all the discontent and irritability going on, you can hear the crowd grumbling, "what' s going on up there, why don't they just do their jobs and take off?". Some are fretting over connecting flights still others about their own agendas, whatever they may be, the impatience levels are growing. Perhaps one or two are simply making good use of this time, in the holding pattern. That's where I feel I stand today, in the holding pattern.

Allot has changed, my schedule has been interrupted. I'm waiting, for what and why I don't know. What is it that is going on up there? Okay, I'm tapping my feet pacing back and forth, what's the hold up? Isn't it just like us to start pacing in the wait or complaining or questioning. Sometimes I simply go to sleep, watch mindless TV or just sit there doing nothing. God has given me a place in which to wait. He says I must be prepared in season and out. He says I must prepare myself for the battle. He has given me a set of guide lines. He has shown me a place where I can rest. He tells me when I listen. He allows me to see when I open my eyes. Still, I ask, "what's the hold up"?

Have you ever been there? Do you know of the wait?

Then, after the wait, it seems to never end, the pilot announces over the speaker," folks, thank-you for your patience, we've just been given clearance for take-off and we'll be taxing in 5 minutes. We'll arrive in one hour and twenty minutes, so jut sit back and enjoy your flight and once again thank-you for flying with us". All of a sudden everything seems a bit better; excitement returns. Anticipation is restored.

Jesus is my pilot, the voice from the tower is my Father. My Father has said, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to...give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11.

Pray with me, read and study the word, make good use of your time and then above all enjoy your life flight!!!

Michele serves as Holy Hands Minister of the Word and is a candidate for ordination.  She fills the pulpit when the Pastor is unavailable and is a guest speaker in various Christian venues

If you would like to contact Michele, click her name.

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