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Better Than An Oscar

(July 28, 2008) Chaplain Norman Schwartz was honored at the Faith and Character Base Dorm graduation at Calhoun State Prison by the inmates with something better than an Academy Award...not an Oscar, but a Norman!  It was handmade from paper and floor wax with hands of love by the inmates that Chaplain Schwartz teaches in his Parenting Class.

He also is a volunteer Chaplain at Lee State Prison with Pastor John Warrener, ministers in two nursing homes and a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation residential program in Albany, GA.

Shine Jesus, Shine!

Chaplain's John Warrener and Norman Schwartz
Honored By Georgia State Government

(May 13, 2008) Holy Hands Prison Chaplains were honored in Atlanta, GA at the Fourth Annual Prison Chaplains Appreciation Day.  Our Prison Chaplains minister to the men at Lee State Prison. (above)

Although, not a Prison Chaplain, Minister Share Lindsey, "Miz Linzy", ministers to the men at Lee State Prison as a teacher in the Faith and Character Based Dorm Program.  She also ministers to the men in prayer and message every fourth Sunday as a worship leader in the prison. (right)

Holy Hands Christian Ministries, Inc. recognizes all three for their dedication to serving Christ in prison.

Matthew 25:36 (NLT) I was in prison, and you visited me.

Rev. John Warrener, Pastor/Chaplain

bulletOur Pastor, Rev. John Warrener is also Lead Chaplain at Lee State Prison and Macon State Prison Leesburg, GA  31763
bulletHe also leads the recovery meetings for sexual offenders
bulletHoly Hands provides hygiene supplies to indigent inmates who have no family or financial support on the outside of the Prison.
bulletSupplies free Greeting Cards to inmates
bulletProvides Bible Studies
bulletSupplies Christian Tracts
bulletProvides Sunday Worship
bulletHelp to Families of Inmates
bulletWork with recently released Inmates as part of re-entry and after care.
bulletOrganizes two Kairos Prison Ministry Retreats each year in Lee State Prison

All at no cost to the families or inmates.
These are financed by your gifts.

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